New School

Well, the summer is over.  Shark week is done and my little one started the the third grade yesterday.  I now have a new schedule that I'm pretty excited about.  I hope to spend weekday mornings in my art studio.  It's been a long time since I was able to make art my priority.  I think that with Mia in school and my grandmother's health looking up, it will be easier to focus.  Knocking on wood as I type....

I am excited to list new paintings in the shop.  I have a small series of scrap wood pieces that will be available to purchase by this weekend.  I'm pricing them at fifty dollars a pop.  Affordable art!

I also wanted to share something new that I completed.  I have been wanting to challenge myself by adding a bit of color to my work.  I started by painting the house and then added an old man on his way home.  I am not sure that I like him.  I can't get rid of him now.  He is there to stay... poor guy.  The painting was a lot of fun.  I think I'll dabble in some more color every now and then.