The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library now has a limited number of my prints available for purchase.  All proceeds go to the library.  If you've got your eye on one, now is the time to buy.  I have had the honor of visiting the library and meeting the folks that make it happen.  Julia, Cindy, Chris, the board members and all of the volunteers are passionate folks supporting the arts and education in such a genuine, creative, and celebratory way. They honor Kurt Vonnegut and continue to share his wit and wisdom locally and online. The library is not only a unique resource, it's an inspiration.   Below are just a few of the things the library is involved in...

“We are what we imagine ourselves to be.”

Thanks to donors and volunteers, the library continues Kurt Vonnegut’s fight against censorship and supports language and visual arts education through programs and outreach activities such as:

  • Teaching Teachers to Teach Vonnegut
  • Kurt Vonnegut and Jane Cox Vonnegut Writing Awards
  • Banned Books Week
  • So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library
  • Night of Vonnegut
  • VonnegutFest
  • IDADA First Friday Gallery Tour
  • School tours and partnerships
  • Original exhibits and art shows

We also honor Kurt Vonnegut’s military career and his honest portrayal of war in novels by reaching out to veterans through writing workshops, Veterans Reclaim Armistice Day panels, exhibits by soldier-artists and more.  Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

Visit the library's website here.

Shop for prints here.